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22 jun 2021
The goal is to extend aid and resources to strengthen the business model and entrepreneurship in Adeje
21 jun 2021
The courses, in water safety and in animation were run by the PFAE
17 may 2021
A specialised team will be visiting participating businesses to carry out the analysis aiming to boost performance through new technologies
11 may 2021
The students are taking part in an alternative employment course organised by the CDTCA
5 may 2021
Interested persons will learn the process and strategy needed to create their online presence and sell their product digitally
4 may 2021
The students are women who have undertaken the courses to improve their employment prospects
21 apr 2021
People can sign up for a number of course but only undertake one at a time
6 apr 2021
The trainees will be assigned to natural coastal zones