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12 nov 2021
The programme is designed to help people re-enter the labour market
3 nov 2021
The competition is part of a national event and took place with 18 bakers
26 oct 2021
Registration is open from now until November 1st
25 aug 2021
Registration is from now until August 31st and must be dong online
27 jul 2021
Registration for new courses runs from July 27th to August 2nd
12 jul 2021
Each successful applicant may receive €2,000, the objective being to reactivate the sector and re-create jobs. Applications can be made from July 13th to 26th
7 jul 2021
This is an ideal opportunity for anyone who has dreamed of starting their own innovative business in the digital age
6 jul 2021
The administration of grants will be open until July 16th online, through the Adeje council website