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14 jul 2022
Inviting ideas and solutions to business negotiation models
29 jun 2022
At the moment the council is training people for 6 distinct professional certificates
3 jun 2022
Councillors Raquel Rodriquez Alonso and Manuel Luis Méndez Martin headed up the event
31 may 2022
The event is taking place on June 3 and hopes to help create new job openings in the sector
6 may 2022
The programmes were geared towards helping young people and the over 30s find work
28 apr 2022
The aim is to improve the employment prospects for women in Adeje
7 apr 2022
As part of Easter Week in Adeje the Lenten Tapas route returns
5 apr 2022
There will be over 100 courses on offer in the coming months