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14 feb 2023
The UOP is for over 18s who want to improve their professional qualifications
7 feb 2023
From the start of the project they have helped 235 people
1 feb 2023
Belén Díaz, Life coach and transformation mentor will be working with students on motivational tools
18 jan 2023
Adeje will offer increased facilities for more degree and post-graduate courses
7 nov 2022
During the event the MINERV@ territorial management virtual assistance platform was presented as well as the annual education inspection plan
25 oct 2022
The Tourism Degree, based in the south campus of the ULL enters its 10th year with 160 students
29 jul 2022
You have until August 9th to appeal
12 jul 2022
Adeje has awarded prizes to ten of the borough’s top students