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5 jul 2022
The workshops and activities run parallel to the university courses
4 jul 2022
The Director of the Petrick Idea Center at Illinois Wesleyan University visited Adeje to prepare for a visit of students from USA in 2023
25 may 2022
From July 4th to 28th
29 mar 2022
The Canarian president visited the public secondary school in Adeje and praised the committment of the staff and students
14 feb 2022
The students saw, first hand, how the different arms of communications work
16 dec 2021
Arts and crafts, health and wellness, textile work, office automation, and more
14 dec 2021
On offer are courses in astronomy, film, cinematography, photography, and digital tool use
11 dec 2021
The works, created by local school children and their families, are on display to the public until December 20th