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3 may 2023
93 students from all over Spain took part in the event
12 apr 2023
The fair will offer a myriad of ways to explore the town’s past through pirate tales, costumes and battles fought and won in centuries gone by
3 apr 2023
The event was held to show educators the advantages of taking part in FP Dual courses
15 mar 2023
The event is running until March 17th in the CDTCA, with a huge range of professional and learning options at different levels
15 mar 2023
María Clavijo...“the development of critical thinking in our young people is fundamental"
10 mar 2023
The Abinque prize is given annually to an individual or groups who have worked to advance equality in our society
24 feb 2023
The course, Classroom, will be offered free in the borough during March
21 feb 2023
The project is a tool to help the education community work on series of activities and use available resources