#mayor jose miguel rodriguez fraga
15 may 2024
It is the first official visit of the General to the municipality
8 may 2024
The new bigger space is fully equipped to accommodate all the services provided by the Foundation
5 apr 2024
This year four new Repsol Sol awards have been won by chefs in Adeje
3 apr 2024
The motion, presented by the socialist group, was passed with support from the Coalición Canaria, Partido Popular and Unidas Podemos
1 apr 2024
The aim is to highlight the cultural richness of the more than 120 nationalities that live in peace together in our municipality, thus strengthening community ties between people
26 mar 2024
This is one of the measures being adopted Adeje council to try to alleviate the housing problem in the municipality
10 mar 2024
Adeje awards the Abinque prize annually to a woman or women who make a difference
6 mar 2024
The park is known as a productive forest, and will, when complete, occupy a total area of 32,000 square meters