#mayor jose miguel rodriguez fraga
14 sep 2022
The Ocean Cross is a very attractive sporting option for runners
13 sep 2022
The new theatre is about “cultural democracy” says Arriaga Álvarez
2 aug 2022
The new water plant will benefit farmers across the south
27 jul 2022
Adeje’s senior citizens celebrate Santa Ana together
15 jul 2022
Uncertainty is an emotional state which relies on fear, which in turn paralyses our actions
6 jul 2022
The agreement between the two bodies guarantees the continuance of the good work of the centre which cares for special needs individuals
1 jul 2022
During its time as the HQ for provincial blood donations the council carried out many different activities to raise awareness and increase the levels in the blood bank
1 jul 2022
Tickets for the concert, which is at 9pm on July 28th, can be bought online at www.tomaticket.es, www.newevent.es and in El Corte Inglés.