#la pasión
27 mar 2024
A new dialogue scene between Mary, the mother of Jesus, Mary Magdalene and other women, as they walk together, has been added to the presentation
20 feb 2024
Members of the public can now apply to take part in the incredible annual street theatre performance
7 apr 2023
This year the Good Friday street theatre saw new cast and stages and a welcome return to the main street of the town
4 apr 2023
The incredible production, with over 300 participants, will see new scenery and new leading actors
1 mar 2023
Casting will be held on March 6th
13 apr 2022
There are still some tickets left to attend the live screening in the Plaza España (tomaticket.es) or you can follow it on the council social networks
8 apr 2022
Tickets are free but should be booked on tomaticket.es in advance to guarantee entry to the Plaza España on the day
7 apr 2022
Entry is free but tickets need to be booked in advance