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10 mar 2024
Adeje awards the Abinque prize annually to a woman or women who make a difference
8 mar 2024
Under the slogan "Let's do it together", Adeje Town Hall underlines the importance of women and men working together to achieve significant progress towards real equality
5 mar 2024
The award is given annually to a women or women who have contributed to the cause of equality in the municipality
4 mar 2024
The benefits of cultural and creative engagement and supporting cultural industries from a gender perspective will be discussed
1 mar 2024
This year the annual Abinque award will be presented to women serving in state security forces
27 feb 2024
The Adeje dog rescue centre might have the special friend you are looking for!
22 nov 2023
A campaign promoted by Adeje, the municipal Equality Council and the Costa Adeje Tenerife Egatesa football club
30 oct 2023
Adeje Town Hall has been attending to municipal cemetery in advance of these important dates