#jose antonio lopez delgado
11 jul 2024
The aim of this initiative was to build bridges towards a society that celebrates diversity in all its forms
5 jul 2024
This is for both cat carers and the public in general
25 jun 2024
During the work the council have agreed that the Cabildo will collect and care for any animals in need of shelter and their subsequent care and adoption process will be guaranteed for the duration
24 jun 2024
There will also be a cooking workshop, a live podcast, artists and writers
16 may 2024
The aim of the Prima network is to improve the quality of life and guarantee equality and respect
13 may 2024
The visits are led by the team in charge of the care of the animals
10 mar 2024
Adeje awards the Abinque prize annually to a woman or women who make a difference
8 mar 2024
Under the slogan "Let's do it together", Adeje Town Hall underlines the importance of women and men working together to achieve significant progress towards real equality