Students visit Adeje’s Parque Central

24 may 2022
He will perform in Golf Costa Adeje on June 11th
24 may 2022
The aim of the pilot project is to help the children become used to the rhythm of the pool
19 may 2022
The council is inviting people from the borough to join the ‘red energy’ brigade!
19 may 2022
The public event is in the Mahatma Gandhi Peace Plaza, from 5.30pm, to 8pm on May 21st
19 may 2022
The talk is designed for families and those who work with individuals with functional diversity
16 may 2022
The aim is to improve job opportunities for women in the borough
13 may 2022
During the day participants debated family difficulties and separation
12 may 2022
All monies raised go towards oncological investigation and research