Adeje representatives at Fitur which starts this week

17 jan 2022
Adeje services were called out on a number of occasions
14 jan 2022
The mayor, José Miguel Rodríguez Fraga, says the region has ‘done its duty’ during the pandemic
6 jan 2022
A Royal Route through the borough began at 4pm yesterday and ended at midnight in front of the Santa Ursula parish church as the bells rung out
4 jan 2022
Over 500 individuals, families, companies and volunteers have taken part in the initiative of the Tenerife Sur Rotary Club, Adeje council and Acyre
3 jan 2022
The Royal route will be a continuous one without any stops and last 5 hours
20 dec 2021
The campaign poses as series of questions helping you decide whether you should have a pet or not!
18 dec 2021
The goal is to provide a mental health service for the public which will help alleviate negative effects caused by the pandemic
17 dec 2021
There is a limit on those who can attend but the concert will be broadcast live on the council’s social networks and Radio Sur Adeje 107.9 FM