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28 oct 2022
The council has increased services during this time in both the churches in the borough and the cemetery with extra masses and services
24 oct 2022
La Concepción, Tijoco Alto, Las Torres and Tijoco-La Hoya have seen improvements to their infrastructures
13 sep 2022
The new theatre is about “cultural democracy” says Arriaga Álvarez
22 jun 2022
The aim is to encourage more people to separate their rubbish more often and place it in the appropriate large yellow, blue and green containers
7 jun 2022
The council has already held a number of meetings with different associations and collectives
4 jun 2022
The water is 100% drinkable and will help reduce plastic bottle waste
8 apr 2022
Policía Local, Civic Protection, Volunteer Fire Brigade, Guardia Civil and the Taxi drivers’ co-op have all been taking part in the blood drive
23 mar 2022
The council is repaving in different parts of the borough, both residential and tourist