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4 jun 2022
The water is 100% drinkable and will help reduce plastic bottle waste
8 apr 2022
Policía Local, Civic Protection, Volunteer Fire Brigade, Guardia Civil and the Taxi drivers’ co-op have all been taking part in the blood drive
23 mar 2022
The council is repaving in different parts of the borough, both residential and tourist
12 feb 2022
The changes include renovations to the viewing rooms, and the operation of the municipal crematorium.
4 feb 2022
Entemanser has launched a new digital children’s competition about clean and healthy water
17 jan 2022
Adeje services were called out on a number of occasions
17 nov 2021
The council is working to promote activities and raise awareness about recycling and reduction of waste materials
15 nov 2021
They are working in teams to clean up a series of barrancos, road edges and other natural sectors in Adeje