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14 sep 2020
The council have spent over €100,000 in building upgrades
9 sep 2020
There has been a drop of €27 million in local taxes due to the freezing of payments and reductions in certain tariffs
9 sep 2020
This is a registration service only; the council does not decide on applications
4 sep 2020
The AMTC (Association of Canarian Tourism Boroughs ) calls for the economic aid, co-ordination with other administrations to tackle public health measures
2 sep 2020
The start of municipal leisure and sporting activities usually organised by the council is being suspended for the month of September
24 aug 2020
Applications can be made online and the grant will be paid out from September 20th
17 aug 2020
“The involvement of all relevant bodies – councils, federations, Cabildo, regional government – is essential”: Adolfo Alonso
14 aug 2020
The grant has added importance given the existence of the Covid-19 pandemic