31 mar 2023
José Miguel Rodríguez Fraga: “when the chips are down is when we see the best in people”
11 mar 2022
The programme informs people and raises awareness about the importance of good mental health
18 dec 2021
The goal is to provide a mental health service for the public which will help alleviate negative effects caused by the pandemic
23 sep 2021
The awards, an initiative of the Adeje council, is backed up with a scientific guarantee from the University of La Laguna and the Institute of Tropical Diseases
30 aug 2021
The bus will be in the public parking area in front of the Armeñime primary school
10 aug 2021
A homemade cheese cake for a vaccine!
23 jul 2021
There are currently 327 active cases in Adeje, a rapid increase in the borough
9 jul 2021
The council will have prevention measure in place in areas where people tend to gather in large numbers