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13 may 2020
A short look at this relatively new part of Adeje, based on historical research and personal interviews. Unofficial translation
7 may 2020
The object of the initiative is to construct, instruct, promote and make visible a creative project where traditions and today’s reality come together
5 may 2020
Adeje Council wishes to inform you:
30 apr 2020
There will be a motion brought to the next council meeting stating that the provision of culture is a primary necessity
29 apr 2020
There are 4 phases on the road to de-escalation of the Covid-19 confinement
28 apr 2020
The Adeje department of youth created over 150 different online elements on a Youth Space platform during the quarantine period:
23 apr 2020
The initiative hopes to remind people of the joy of reading
8 apr 2020
Atletas sin Fronteras and Entemanser have created two competitions, one related to literature and one to drawing