#costa adeje
30 mar 2023
Circuses, galas, theatre, concerts, performances - just some of the activities planned between now and the end of the year
21 feb 2023
The aim is to improve commercial zones in the borough’s tourist area through the introduction of new technologies
17 feb 2023
How do you see tourism evolving in Adeje?
18 jan 2023
Adeje is taking part in Fitur, the Spanish tourism trade fair
23 mar 2022
The council is repaving in different parts of the borough, both residential and tourist
1 feb 2022
During a visit to the area yesterday the Secretary of State for the national department of tourism, Fernando Valdés, assured the local authorities of government support
11 may 2021
The Council was granted the beach awards for Troya I and II, Duque and La Enramada beaches