26 jan 2024
The councillor for tourism, Patricia Paulsen, says the council are proud to have received the recognition
26 jan 2024
Fitur serves as a platform for the presentation of the new strategies and promotional campaign for Costa Adeje
24 jan 2024
The meeting took place during the first day of Fitur, the Spanish tourism trade fair
24 jan 2024
The council has an intense work schedule which began on Tuesday with several major events
20 jan 2023
Minister for tourism: Sun and beach tourism opened Spain up to the world
19 jan 2023
The challenge is to adapt to new tourism tendencies to stay ahead
18 jan 2023
Adeje is taking part in Fitur, the Spanish tourism trade fair
13 jan 2023
José Miguel Rodríguez Fraga: “tourism creates better services for our resident population, the wealth it creates reaches many parts of our society”