Thousands of people gathered once again in Adeje to commemorate San Sebastian

Hundreds of riders from all parts of the island make a promise to the patron saint

21 january 2024

This Saturday, 20th January, Adeje has experienced one of the oldest and most beloved celebrations not only in the municipality but also on the island of Tenerife, San Sebastian. A festivity in which the animals are the protagonists, more than a hundred riders on the backs of their horses were the first to arrive to participate along with other working animals and numerous people with their pets. For the mayor of Adeje, José Miguel Rodríguez Fraga, "San Sebastián has become one of the examples of permeability between our traditions, our residential and tourist areas. Our historical and cultural richness should make us proud because it is a festival that dates back to the 16th century. It is our duty and that of all citizens to preserve and promote our most cherished traditions as we are doing today".

At midday the event began with the holy mass sung by the group Mesturao after which the procession of the saint to the sea began, preceded by the horsemen and on this occasion accompanied by the Agrupación Nuestra Señora de Las Nieves. A very visual event that always arouses the attention of visitors and tourists who enjoy, by the thousands, a spectacle in which the protagonists are the expertise of riders and horses on the beach of La Enramada.

Once the saint reached the sea, the return to the church took place, but not before making two stops along the way; in the cave of El Humilladero, the place where, according to tradition, the image of the Virgin of the Incarnation, patron saint of Adeje, was found. The second stop was made shortly after, when the parish priest blessed all the animals that attended the event. In strict order, all the horses and other animals pass in front of him to receive the blessing.


The event passed off normally and without any major incidents. The security plan designed by the Adeje Town Hall included an advanced command post. In addition to the local police, there was coordination with other state security forces, the National Police, the Guardia Civil and a health service. The Adeje Town Hall was involved in this festival which is one of the oldest on the island and which involves the deployment of resources and personnel from numerous areas, from Culture, through to the operating team, gardening, communication, etc. Every year the Town Hall has a professional veterinarian on hand to ensure the safety of the animals, to guarantee that they are fit for the event and to check that they are registered and insured up to date.

After the procession the party began in the "ventorrillos", located in and around the square, which were filled with people and the smell of food, which flooded the place until late at night. The Commissions take the opportunity to set up their ventorrillos to raise funds for the neighbourhood fiestas that will be held throughout the year.

In addition to the people who attended the event, the festivities could be followed through a live TV programme produced by the staff of the Communication Department of the Adeje Town Hall and broadcasted on Facebook, You Tube, as well as being shared by Mírame TV and Canal 4 TV.