#san sebastian
21 jan 2024
Hundreds of riders from all parts of the island make a promise to the patron saint
17 jan 2024
The main events are on Saturday 20th January from 12 noon in the Plaza de San Sebastian in La Caleta
15 jan 2024
Programme of events to mark the traditional celebration of San Sebastián, co-patron saint of the municipality of Adeje
23 apr 2023
The statue was carried from Adeje town to San Sebastián over the traditional route
20 jan 2023
The people of Adeje renewed their commitment to their patron saint on this day which also celebrates the primary sector, agriculture
17 jan 2023
This weekend Adeje celebrates its co-patron and the primary sector, agriculture
16 jan 2023
San Sebastián is one of the patron saints of Adeje
18 jan 2022
Given the current pandemic there will not be any public events this year