Green and accessible areas, the main demands of public schools in the municipality

The refurbishment, extension and improvement works on schools have been carried out by a staff of more than 60 people

31 august 2023
Adeje council’s departments of Culture and Education, under Adolfo Alonso Ferrera and Coraima Afonso Navarro, together with the councillors for Security, and Economic Activity and Employment, Mercedes Delgado Vargas and Alberto Álvarez Jiménez, and Epifanio Díaz Hernández, Councillor for Municipal Works have been using the summer months to oversee refurbishment and maintenance work in Adeje’s primary and secondary schools. The works amount to more than €100,000 annually, plus €50,000 for minor works throughout term-time.
This year the council has taken into account sustainability, the creation of green spaces, and improved accessibility, which had been requested by the schools.  Workers involved in the refurbishments included those from local social employment plans and staff from EMSA, the Adeje municipal services company.
Most of the schools have focused their specific needs on the creation of spaces for social harmony, making it important to create spaces adapted to each school, as well as improvements in the playgrounds and the maintenance of green areas and existing school gardens.
The works included masonry and painting, gardening, plumbing, repairs to locks and doors, damp-proofing, fixing pavements, signposting, and the installation of railings.   Exterior and interior painting was also included this summer as well as minor repairs such as fixing taps, doors and windows, and checking lighting and electrical fittings.
In certain cases, such as the waterproofing of the roof of the changing rooms at CEIP Tijoco, work was put out to tender. 
For some years now, the Adeje council has prioritised the need to keep the local public schools fit for purpose throughout the academic year.  According to the local government, “We take advantage of all available time to us to be able to undertake the necessary works and reforms in each school, thus also responding quickly and effectively to the situations and needs that arise".