#coraima afonso navarro
5 apr 2024
Third and fourth class students participated in the "Juego, luego aprendo" (I play, then I learn) Olympics
28 feb 2024
The programme seeks to provide complementary support to formal education services
9 feb 2024
The AIRE project will be part of an inclusive education plan, aiming to tackle truancy and enhance the academic performance of students
23 jan 2024
Each student received 730 euros for the purchase and renewal of such material
18 dec 2023
The main criteria for the creations were that they were based on recycling, sustainability, creativity, originality, and its effectiveness in raising awareness
5 dec 2023
The local department closed the year by allocating nearly €500,000 in grants and works for the conservation and maintenance of schools
15 nov 2023
The programme includes a wide range of sporting disciplines
9 nov 2023
This year, the Education Department has decided to incorporate the 13th Edition of the Cacharros (recycling) competition and Art Exhibition within the International Day of Educating Cities