Adeje will host the ‘X Olympiada Filosófica de España’ (X Spanish Philosophy Olympics), dedicated to frontiers and global justice

María Clavijo...“the development of critical thinking in our young people is fundamental"

15 march 2023
This week the Tenerife Cabildo’s department of Education and Youth presented details of the 10th Spanish philosophy Olympics which will be taking place in the CDTCA, Adeje, on April 28th and 29th. This is the first time the event has taken place in the Canary Islands, and brings together secondary school students in 3rd and 4th year and those studying for the Bachillerato, and this year the theme is that of frontiers and global justice, with debates on globalisation, immigration and justice.
The island councillor for education, Concepción Rivero, the Canarian territorial director for education, Federico Delgado, the Adeje education councillor María Clavijo and the deputy deacon of philosophy in the University of La Laguna Margarita Vázquez, came together to outline the format and details of the event. 
Concepción Rivero said that this was an event that “helps our young people strengthen their critical faculties, learn to develop and value their own opinions, fundamental elements in personal development”.  She mentioned that the previous three editions of the event has been online, given the situation, and “it was an honour for Tenerife to have been chosen as the HQ for this national event on its return to an in-person happening”. 
Federico Delgado said the event was possible thanks to the inter-administrative and inter-territorial cooperation as well as the collaboration between secondary and third level educational institutions.  He said it was the first time the event was being held outside the Spanish peninsula adding that the Canaries was the best place to centre a debate on frontiers and global justice given its location as an ‘inter-continental platform’, and that it would contribute to “educating young people to be happy in places where justice is recognised, “as is the spirit of the Olympics, “which is about achievement rather than competition”.
María Clavijo added that “the development of critical thinking in our young people is fundamental.  It always has been and today is more important than ever.  In a society where immediacy is the order of the day, what is needed is well-armed thinking, the ability to discuss, to argue and defend your position.  For these and many other reasons I am delighted that Adeje will be the centre for these Olympics, and it will be a huge opportunity to show our young people the power of critical thinking”.
These Olympics have different modules for different student groups, and on Friday March 17th the Canarian students who will represent the islands in this national competition will be named.