10 jul 2023
The main aim of the prizes is to motivate young people and encourage them to follow the careers they want through training and education
29 may 2023
The aim of the project was to help students learn through practical activities
15 mar 2023
María Clavijo...“the development of critical thinking in our young people is fundamental"
1 feb 2023
Assisting were members of different lifeguard associations and the Adeje fire brigade
24 jun 2022
Over 3 thousand pupils have visited the town’s patrimonial sites since 2013
26 may 2022
The library and the Co-working zone will be available for students who wish to study
23 feb 2022
Students visited many points of cultural interest and saw where Town Hall meetings take place
14 feb 2022
The students saw, first hand, how the different arms of communications work