PFAE-GJ Pleamar students graduate

Following 11 months of training students have been awarded a number of professional certificates

22 february 2023
Earlier this month the 15 students who have spent 11 months in training under the PFAE-GJ Pleamar graduated.  They were awarded two professional certificates, in open water lifesaving (AFDP0209) and indoor water lifesaving (AFDP0109), both at level II.
The graduation and certificate awards were held at the CDTCA, in the presence of the students, their families, the teaching team and many of the professors who have been with them at various times during the course. 
Councillor Manuel Luis Méndez Martín, commented, “Being a lifeguard is such an important profession, especially for us, where we live…and over the months, during the course, we have seen how you have dedicated yourself to training not just to lifesaving but to the parallel marine activities that have been offered as part of the course”.
Councillor Raquel Rodríguez Alonso added “we want these kinds of projects to continue - we know that professional training is fundamental, and gives you opportunities to grow and adapt within the labour market”.  She encouraged the graduating students to continue to study and promised that their department of economic development and job creation would continue to offer new training options. 
As well as the two professional certificates the students were also awarded diplomas in related areas, use of defibrillators, oxygen therapy, open water diving, and a navigation licence.