#councillor raquel rodríguez alonso
15 may 2024
Adeje Town Hall seeks to promote family coexistence with the Lazos Project and specifically with a campaign for 5th and 6th class primary students
2 may 2024
The workshops, totally free of charge, are part of the "Lazos" programme developed by the department of social and community welfare
19 apr 2024
The meeting was attended by political and trained representatives from the south of Tenerife
17 apr 2024
The programme is created as a response to the needs that families may have in different areas, educational, social, etc
12 apr 2024
The programme will air on Monday 15th April at 1pm on Radio Sur Adeje 107.9FM
20 nov 2023
The aim is to raise public awareness of the importance of protecting children
26 oct 2023
Young people between 14 and 30 years of age can enjoy programme of activities which aims to provide a healthy and formative leisure space
30 aug 2023
The day’s events were held in the Adeje youth centre