#councillor manuel luis méndez
12 apr 2024
The programme will air on Monday 15th April at 1pm on Radio Sur Adeje 107.9FM
22 feb 2023
Following 11 months of training students have been awarded a number of professional certificates
13 dec 2022
There is a generational issue in construction and there are not enough younger people coming through to join the workforce
30 nov 2022
The evolution of the park is part of the council’s climate change contribution
28 nov 2022
The public will be able to enjoy a wide range of tasty treats, wines from the region and craft beers, and there will be events for younger family members too
18 nov 2022
Activities and workshops have been very popular
11 nov 2022
There are nearly 20 cafes and restaurants taking part offering tapas between now and November 20th
24 oct 2022
The programme will focus on a number of aspects, including social integration, for those with qualifications seeking work in Adeje