Adeje mayor meets with Minister Reyes Maroto

Minister for tourism: Sun and beach tourism opened Spain up to the world

20 january 2023


The Adeje mayor José Miguel Rodríguez Fraga met with the national minister for tourism Reyes Maroto during the Fitur Spanish tourism trade fair, this week. He said, “Her great support for the industry and sector is a recognition of the importance of local destinations and the international importance of our sun and beach tourism”. The minister spoke of how that very kind of tourism had opened Spain up to the world”.

The mayor, also speaking as president of the AMTC (association of Canarian tourism boroughs) and last year’s president of the AMT, the national alliance of tourism boroughs, said “the working relationship with the minister has always been very constructive, positive, working in step with us”. In accordance with her department 2023 has been named the year for sun and beach destinations, opening lines of assistance with new development plans approved, recognising, said the mayor, the problem that tourism boroughs often have financing quality local services and resources for a huge visiting population that is not registered as resident.

The minister expressed her satisfaction with the excellent levels of communication between the different bodies in the sector which, she said, had allowed for significant advances in defining what a tourism borough is, and what that title would mean regarding supports from national government.

The meeting took place at the FiturTechY forum, which was also awarding AMT Smart Destination prizes. Present were all members of the AMTC and the Adeje tourism councillor Adolfo Alonso Ferrera.