Costa Adeje strategy plan in Fitur

The challenge is to adapt to new tourism tendencies to stay ahead

19 january 2023

The first working day at Fitur, the Spanish trade tourism fair, saw the team from Adeje attending a series of meetings dealing with future strategic plans for the destination. The local population are seen as key to development in this regard, with the mayor Jose Miguel Rodriguez Fraga saying "we are working on plans that would see more connections between our resident and tourist populations for the benefit of both.  Our people have a lot to bring to the table, and can make the difference between us and other destinations. And tourism brings  host of new opportunities to the resident population", he added.

The plans are based on axes of social, economic and environmental sustainability.  Costa Adeje is not looking to bring more and more people, but people who will spend in the destination, "improving the quality of life of our people and the experience of visitors too"; commented the tourism councillor Adolfo Alonso Ferrera, "touirsts who are contributing to the socio-economic sustainability of the Costa Adeje". 

The excellent recovery of the destination, with over 1.7 million visitors last year, with an average spend of €1.500 per person, "would not be possible without cooperation between the public and private sector", said the councillor, praising their foresight in using the 'down-time' during the pandemic to renovate and rebuild in Costa Adeje. 

32% of those who visit Tenerife visit Costa Adeje, with an average stay of 7.4 days.