Over 500 take part in Fedola Family Run in Costa Adeje

The event superseded all expectations and saw over €8,000 raised for charities

4 october 2022
The Fedola Family Run last weekend was a huge success and emphasised the recovery of Costa Adeje as a sporting reference location.  Over 500 runners took part in the event organised by the Grupo Fedola, experiencing a sporting event with a unified solidarity goal.
There were participants from all ages and experiences, from top athletes to younger children, who were the first to run on the evening, even crawling ‘races’ for the very very young.  And one of the most popular races was the 500 metre family dash.
The main runners were looking forward to the Ocean Cross route, a circuit known to athletes, combining a run on road and sand, Jonay González and Ana Boullón took honours in the 10 k and Jorge Santos and Guada Arnedo in the 5 k, with timings organised by Canaryrun and all with the support of the Adeje council.
Grupo Fedola president Victoria López said, “We couldn’t be more pleased with the event and with the €8,000 raised for various NGOs, and we hope the money will give ‘breathing space’, to people with difficulties.   Vice-president with responsibility for social corporate responsibility with the group, Ana Belén López, thanked all the participants, companies and volunteers who were part of this first Fedola Family Run, and said they were delighted with the sporting excellence of the event but also with the way people really enjoyed coming together to support the run.
Adeje councillors for sport Adolfo Alonso and for security and social services Mercedes Vargas were on hand to present the medals.
The money raised will go to the Anchiete Asociación, working exclusively in Tenerife since 1973, works to create real change in the lives of children in need here, the Asociación Asistencia Nahir, founded in 2015, working on helping young people on the margins integrate into society, working in particular with young adults who have been through the care system, and young unaccompanied migrants who need help too in learning Spanish and the Canaria Family Quesada Sanchez foundation working with a senior citizens centre in Tacaronte whose residents are, in the main, suffering from economic privation.