#adolfo alonso
20 jun 2024
The centre is being renovated and will be doubling its capacity from 90 to 180
18 oct 2023
The training also includes protocols for handling various situations such as falls, injuries, poisonings, febrile seizures, choking, haemorrhages, allergic reactions, burns, absence seizures, epilepsy, or cardiorespiratory arrests
1 aug 2023
Opening hours during summer are from 8am to 2pm, and the study hall remains open to those with a booking
2 dec 2022
Over 20,000 people, tourists and residents, have benefited from a wide and varied programme of music, theatre, folklore and fashion this year
30 nov 2022
The International Nightlife Congress has been on in Adeje this week
4 oct 2022
The event superseded all expectations and saw over €8,000 raised for charities
4 jun 2021
The meetings looked at future configurations in the tourism industry and joint ventures in the post-pandemic world
10 sep 2020
The mayor met with 19 consular representatives and asked them about the health and welfare of their nationals living here