#mercedes vargas delagado
14 nov 2022
The Department for children and families works all year around with the “Parentalidad Positiva” (positive parenting) project
4 oct 2022
The event superseded all expectations and saw over €8,000 raised for charities
23 jun 2022
Abisur is a collective group of teams working with young children and families from South Tenerife councils.
25 feb 2022
The council and the association have renewed their co-operative agreement with new orientation and assessment projects in the offing
22 feb 2022
The training has been under the supervision of head office of the regional government security and emergencies area
17 jan 2022
Adeje services were called out on a number of occasions
18 dec 2021
The goal is to provide a mental health service for the public which will help alleviate negative effects caused by the pandemic
11 dec 2021
The new officers were appointed on the day the local police celebrate their patron, Our Lady of Guadalupe