Adeje council offering practical assistance for 34 higher grade and university students

Professional training institutes, the University of La Laguna and other education bodies have agreements in place to assist students from Adeje

24 march 2021
Adeje council’s department of Education, under councillor María Clavijo Maza, work with a number of educational bodies to assist 34 students in their practical placements as part of their higher level and university studies.  “We have a range of different collaborative covenants with training and educational institutions, including the ULL (the University of La Laguna) and the UNED (National Distance Learning University) to ensure that our students have the chance to study and train. For many years now we have been assisting students in a variety of disciplines, from IT to journalism, audio-visual studies, finance, tourism or social work for example.  To be a council that works on a larger scale and be able to serve the people of Adeje we have to be able to offer our young people the means to complete their education and training in real terms”, said the councillor.
Regarding the local secondary schools there are agreements in place with companies and professional training centres. The council also have different covenants in place with the ULL and is in the process of renovating the agreement with the ULPGC (University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria).
The aim of the agreements in place is to regularise the partnerships between the council and the educational bodies for the benefit of the students who wish to complete their higher education grades. This includes working to facilitate real practical training for students in the workplace.
The council has made considerable efforts to ensure that work placements are on offer under the current conditions in place given the Covid restrictions, with restrictions on working in place and many companies also closed for now.