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15 may 2020
The library will be open to the public soon, and there are also a number of online platforms users can access
14 may 2020
Those who have paid the second half of the year can opt to have that as the first payment of the next sporting year
7 may 2020
The object of the initiative is to construct, instruct, promote and make visible a creative project where traditions and today’s reality come together
4 apr 2020
She had been reported missing by her family early this morning
27 mar 2020
The service is operating via telephone 922 75 62 49 and email, empleo@adeje.es and empresa@adeje.es
24 mar 2020
Mass in Adeje this Wednesday
19 mar 2020
The work began on Tuesday and is being carried out by workers from the municipal services section (EMSA), UTE Adeje Ascan Torrabonaf and the UME
18 mar 2020