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18 jan 2022
Given the current pandemic there will not be any public events this year
3 jan 2022
The Royal route will be a continuous one without any stops and last 5 hours
18 dec 2021
The goal is to provide a mental health service for the public which will help alleviate negative effects caused by the pandemic
16 dec 2021
Arts and crafts, health and wellness, textile work, office automation, and more
11 dec 2021
The works, created by local school children and their families, are on display to the public until December 20th
30 nov 2021
Markets, carol singing, theatre, nativity scenes, arts and crafts, concerts, Santa Claus and the Three Kings
18 oct 2021
These are free to attend and open to all
28 sep 2021
These grants are being allocated by the Adeje department of education