#jose miguel rodriguez fraga
6 sep 2023
The president of the Association, José Miguel Rodríguez Fraga, underlined the importance of continuing to defend a sector on which the social progress of the Canary Islands depends.
14 jul 2023
Beatriz Crespo: “Artificial intelligence works to assist us in our day to day decision making”
8 jun 2023
523 students sat the first of these pre-university exams yesterday
5 apr 2023
Hotrec is the umbrella association of national hotel trade associations
17 mar 2023
“We are putting this new infrastructure at the service of the people of Adeje, and the people of Tenerife”
13 jan 2023
José Miguel Rodríguez Fraga: “tourism creates better services for our resident population, the wealth it creates reaches many parts of our society”
25 nov 2022
Details of events that have been taking place to mark this day are available on our social media
10 nov 2022
The University of La Laguna rector, Rosa María Aguilar Chinea, was the opening speaker during this national event held in Adeje