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10 jul 2020
The water purifaction plant can now treat 40,000m3 daily
10 jul 2020
The team will also be able to assist beach goers regarding other beach-related dangers
3 jul 2020
The situation in the zone has become worse in recent months with a clear and present public health risk. Vigilance of the area will be intensified and they are also asking the public to avoid creating unwanted situations
2 jul 2020
You can donate until July 17th, via appointment
1 jul 2020
The council suspects that the discharge that was detected along the beach was from a boat in the open sea
26 jun 2020
The events are taking place in July, August and September in different parts of the borough, free entry but booking on www.tomaticket.et
26 jun 2020
Summer time in your neighbourhood
23 jun 2020
The centre of Adeje town will be most affected by the temporary cuts