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9 nov 2022
The event showed how opting for health, balanced, and sustainable menus can help avoid certain illnesses
24 oct 2022
The programme will focus on a number of aspects, including social integration, for those with qualifications seeking work in Adeje
19 oct 2022
The initiative is aimed at businesses, individual entrepreneurs, students and anyone interested in the theme
16 sep 2022
The event, in Adeje, brought together more than 400 experts who worked through an intensive programme of debates, round table discussions and expert interventions
5 jul 2022
The aim is to continue to improve employment prospects for those currently out of work in the borough
16 may 2022
The aim is to improve job opportunities for women in the borough
27 apr 2022
The winning tapas, as voted by the public, was “Saquito de Pescado”
2 nov 2021
The Tapas Route will run from November 26th to December 8th