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17 jan 2022
The mayor of Adeje, who is president of the Alliance of Tourism Municipalities, will also attend the Exeltur Forum
14 jan 2022
The mayor, José Miguel Rodríguez Fraga, says the region has ‘done its duty’ during the pandemic
19 nov 2021
One of the more important is the International wheelchair tennis tournament in Tenerife Top Training from November 25th to 28th
11 nov 2021
The British market is recovering and again picking Tenerife as its main destination
13 aug 2021
Olympic medal winners used facilities in Adeje for their pre-Tokyo training
29 jul 2021
One of the country’s top vocal teachers, Mamen Márquez, has been giving master classes to those working in the Adeje tourism sector
10 jun 2021
50 swimmers are taking part in an accredited pre-Olympic event this weekend in Adeje
28 may 2021
The park will open three days a week for the time being