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6 apr 2021
The trainees will be assigned to natural coastal zones
19 feb 2021
At the moment they are working in the El Madroñal zone
1 aug 2020
People can apply for local education grants from Monday August 3rd
15 jul 2020
The council is asking the public to submit solutions to the use of manure on farms and the problems it brings
10 jul 2020
The water purifaction plant can now treat 40,000m3 daily
10 jul 2020
The team will also be able to assist beach goers regarding other beach-related dangers
3 jul 2020
The situation in the zone has become worse in recent months with a clear and present public health risk. Vigilance of the area will be intensified and they are also asking the public to avoid creating unwanted situations
2 jul 2020
You can donate until July 17th, via appointment