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5 aug 2022
‘Higienizate’ is a professional training course taking 15 people off the unemployment register in Adeje
25 jul 2022
The 28th youth tournament is taking place on August 20th and 21st in the Adeje Municipal football stadium
20 jul 2022
You have until August 22nd to apply
19 jul 2022
The 10 people who complete the course will be able to work in commercial fleets
14 jul 2022
Inviting ideas and solutions to business negotiation models
29 jun 2022
At the moment the council is training people for 6 distinct professional certificates
27 jun 2022
The course runs from June 27th to July 1st and looks at ecological transition from a municipal point of view
14 jun 2022
Permission must be requested by June 21st