#adolfo alonso ferrera
9 nov 2023
This year, the Education Department has decided to incorporate the 13th Edition of the Cacharros (recycling) competition and Art Exhibition within the International Day of Educating Cities
21 oct 2023
Students in higher education and higher professional training cycles may apply
20 oct 2023
€100,000 has been earmarked for the grants, averaging €149 per pupil.
19 sep 2023
The team previously played in Granadilla
14 sep 2023
Professionals in Human Rights and Neuroscience will share their knowledge at what will be a one-off event
6 sep 2023
A group of 30 young people took part, combining educational and recreational activities
31 aug 2023
The refurbishment, extension and improvement works on schools have been carried out by a staff of more than 60 people
22 aug 2023
With the monies received the library has added 580 titles to the shelves