Adeje organised a number of visits to the council pet rescue centre recently

The visits are led by the team in charge of the care of the animals

13 may 2024
Adeje Town Hall has organised a number of visits to the CIAAD, the council’s pet rescue centre for both young and adults, and with an English translator for the latter group. 
The aim of these visits, which are organised at the request of the councillors of  youth, and health, is to let people know about the workings of the centre, and those visiting were able to see the conditions in which the dogs live and meet the team in charge of their care who led the visits. 
The councillor in charge of animal welfare, José Antonio López Delgado and the councillor for health, Esther Rivero Vargas, welcomed the visitors and explained that “the centre is intended for dogs that have been abandoned, but it also takes in animals belonging to elderly or sick residents who are unable to care for them”.
During the visits the groups were able to see where the dogs live and meet the team there.  Visits can be organised in groups of up to 10, and if you would like to take part in a visit, call 922 75 62 13.
The CIAAD is home to a large number of abandoned dogs. All the animals that are taken in at these municipal facilities are cared for by veterinarians and are fitted with a microchip if they don’t already have one, but only after 21 days from their entry into the centre, to give the owner of the animal an opportunity to find and reclaim it. Once this period has passed, the animal is given a new name and put up for adoption. 
On both visits, those taking part were able to allay any fears about the long-term future of the dogs in the centre and the visitors met some of the four-legged residents who are waiting to be adopted and were able to see how happy they are and how well they are treated by the municipal staff.