Adeje Celebrates International Women's Day with a series of activities

This year the annual Abinque award will be presented to women serving in state security forces

1 march 2024
Adeje equality councillor José Antonio López Delgado has announced that the council, to mark International Women’s Day on March 8th, have organised “a series of activities with the aim of reducing the pay gap between men and women and highlighting those who are working to overcome inequalities in different environments."   He added that the programme was one that was cross-departmental, “valuing the contributions from many different areas of the council.”
Events begin today, Friday 1 March, and will run until Friday 22 March.  This evening, in the Adeje Auditorium, there is a musical monologue, ‘Frida,  pintando la esperanza ‘ a musical show that reconstructs the most important passages in the life of the Mexican painter, Frida Kahlo. Tickets from 
Also in the Auditorium, on Saturday 2 March, there will be a performance of "Las hermanas de Manolete" (Manolete's Sisters). This is a portrait of society during the Franco years, in which women were supposed to remain in the background, a story leading to tragedy. Tickets from
On the 7th of March there will be a talk, in Spanish, by art historian Ana Moruno Rodríguez on the power of literature, detailing the experiences of women who fought against stereotypes through their stories.  Moruna Rodríguez will also underline the huge benefits to be gleaned from writing and reading. This talk will be in the Centro de Centro de Desarrollo Turístico Costa Adeje (CDTCA), from 6pm, no charge. 
On Friday 8th March, there will be three activities during the day to mark International Women's Day. The first event will be held in the Plaza de España in Adeje at 10 am with the reading of the 8M manifesto and workshops and games on gender perspectives with the 6th class students from Adeje primary school
At 5pm a series of awareness-raising workshops will be organised in the Plaza opposite the Casa Fuerte, with information stands, acts and activities. 
The day will end with a show in the Adeje Auditorium at 8pm.   5 monologists will come together for the first time in an unparalleled comedy show: Carmen Cabeza, Lirio Mosqueda, Jessika Rojano, Iratxe Menalbert and Pily soy Yo present "Las que faltaban". Tickets from
Abinque Award
On March 9th the Abinque award will be presented to women working in the different state security forces (Local Police, National Police and Civil Guard). This event will take place at the Centro de Desarrollo Turístico Costa Adeje (CDTCA) at 7pm.  The Abinque award is given annually, by Adeje council, to a women or women who make a difference.  
On the same evening at 8pm the Adeje Auditorium will stage a play, "Lorca por Saura", a show,  in Spanish, based on poetry and flamenco. The text narrates the life of Federico García Lorca through the eyes of a woman of our time, recreating the key moments of his life, from his childhood in the fertile plain of Granada to his execution by firing squad during the civil war. Tickets from
On Sunday 10th March, a mountain trail walk is being organised through Taucho and La Quinta.  This is a federation event and pre-registration can be made through online via he Tenerife Mountaineering Federation or Whatsapp, at 699 400 534. Registration closes on Monday 4 March and the taking part in the organised walk costs €6.50.
On Thursday 14 March Ana Moruno Rodríguez will give another talk, on fake news and the social consequences, looking at topics such as women and mass media, as well as the struggle for women to be given equal recognition in the profession.   The talk will be in the Centro de Desarrollo Turístico de Costa Adeje (CDTCA) at 6pm. 
On 16th March there is a trip to Vilaflor, where you can enjoy the landscape and the stories of the women who live in the village - Rosa will show us how a unique artisan technique is kept alive. Belén will sweeten the route with her stories that preserve the most delicious traditions of the island. The Bethlemite sisters remind us of the importance of family for the economic progress of the town.
Finally, on 22 March, the second edition of ‘Ellas’ is being held, an event which showcases the talent of young people from Adeje, students from the School of Music and Dance, and writers who will showcase short stories against Gender Violence.