Mario Alonso Puig, expert in personal and educational development, on keys to emotional wellbeing

Puig will give a public talk on Thursday 8th February in the Adeje Auditorium. Tickets are available on the platform

5 february 2024
Mario Alonso Puig , a renowned expert in personal and educational development,  will give a talk on the 8th of February in the Adeje Auditorium, sharing the valuable keys  promote emotional wellbeing in the educational environment.  Tickets are available on the platform
His talk, in Spanish, will address fundamental issues related to the importance of education in the integral formation of people. He will also highlight the need to understand the forces of the unconscious and their impact on health, personal relationships and individual prosperity.
During his intervention, Puig will emphasise how beliefs influence the development of people from an early age. During the lecture, he will explain the importance of maintaining a humanistic approach to education, even in the age of technology.
In a previous interview with Radio Sur Adeje 107.9 FM, Mario Alonso Puig expressed his wish that those who come to the talk would take away “three fundamental elements: illusion, inner peace and confidence". He says that "illusion is the essential  engine in education, the need to find peace in the midst of the current turbulence and therefore, it is important to cultivate confidence to achieve positive changes".
Adeje council’s decision to organise the event reflects their wish to encourage dialogue on the transformation of the education system and to recognise the importance of supporting teachers and school management teams as fundamental pillars in the training of future generations.