Gov. Minister Héctor Gómez visits new Adeje Auditorium and signs municipal visitors’ book

Gómez also spent time with residents and workers in the Adeje public offices

10 july 2023
Héctor Gómez, the Spanish minister for Industry, Commerce and Tourism, paid an official visit to Adeje today, July 10th, where he was received by the mayor José Miguel Rodríguez Fraga and a member of the local government team. 
Gómez dropped into the new Adeje Auditorium, a building dedicated to the arts, and which has already, in a few short months, become a cultural reference point for South Tenerife, thanks to the technical excellence of the infrastructure and the top class shows that have already been staged there. 
The minister and the mayor, accompanied by the councillor for territorial planning Manuel Luis Méndez Martín, also visited the main Town Hall public office, specifically the citizens’ attention bureau, where they took time to chat to the staff in attendance and the members of the public there.
Minister Gómez, who is from the nearby borough of Guía de Isora, signed the official visitors book, and mentioned “the management of the development in Adeje, which has seen the borough become an example of public management for the Canaries and for Spain, in terms of social and economic materials”.   He also noted that Adeje had challenges ahead in the coming months and years.  “Tourism is of huge importance for our people and we hope that it will be an important element as part of the European presidency”.   Gómez said it was an honour and a pleasure to visit Adeje officially, a borough he knows so well, and one that is such a great example of development in recent decades.
The Adeje mayor said that both personally and on behalf of many of the people of the Adeje, it was a huge honour to welcome the minister officially, as he was a very approachable person, “with huge experience, which he has shared with us.  He holds a very important position in the Spanish government.  
“This is an important time to defend the tourism industry, and to advance our economic development…we have met with industry to establish a fluid and open communication with the sector, something we have had with this minister, from here, who knows how we manage the tourism sector and whose appointment underlines too the important of tourism for Tenerife and the Canary Islands”, the mayor added.