#alcalde jose miguel rodriguez fraga
2 apr 2024
The project is a pilot project with participation from six hotels in Adeje
10 jul 2023
Gómez also spent time with residents and workers in the Adeje public offices
20 jun 2023
The structure sees the council continue with seven umbrella-areas, with some changes internally and in personnel
24 feb 2023
The Adeje annual sports gala also paid tribute to the borough clubs, projects, initiatives and athletes who were active during 2022
21 sep 2022
The spanish tourism minister wants to introduce a national tourism plan for 2023
1 apr 2022
The first event is the official ‘proclamation’ which will be given tomorrow, Saturday April 2nd in the San Francisco Convento
4 jan 2022
Over 500 individuals, families, companies and volunteers have taken part in the initiative of the Tenerife Sur Rotary Club, Adeje council and Acyre
3 jan 2022
The Royal route will be a continuous one without any stops and last 5 hours