Newly elected local government takes office

The mayor is urging everyone to be ready to face new challenges in the years ahead

7 july 2023
In a recent formal event in Adeje council offices, the mayor José Miguel Rodríguez Fraga officially presented the new councillors and outlined their areas of responsibility to the staff of the council, as the new term of office begins following the recent local elections.   The mayor said, “This is the start of a new cycle, with a new local government in place with initiative, and a desire to work to improve the lives of the people of Adeje”.
The mayor added, “the new government is in place following the local elections when the populace decided to continue with this governing party leading the council, albeit the message was that some change is needed, some improvements”.  He emphasised the importance of counting upon the staff of the council and their cooperation, to work on new projects and maintain the important services that benefit the community.
“In the coming years we have organised a structure that we feel is the best one to help us achieve our goals.  We want to make good on our promises and improve the quality of the lives of our people.  Its’ not just about keeping promises, it is also because we believe in the importance of the work we all do”. 
The mayor underlined the importance of the work town hall staff do, “we depend on you”, he told them. 
The seven main council areas are
“Área de Buen Gobierno, Hacienda e Innovación”/Good governance, finance and innovation, under the responsabilidad of Epifanio Díaz Ruiz with councillor Carmen Lucía Rodriguez del Toro.  “Seguridad”/Security will also now incorporate economic activity into its ambit under the responsibility of Mercedes Vargas Delgado assisted by Alberto Álverez Jiménez. 
“Cultura, Deportes, Educación y Universidades”/Culture, sports, education and universities will be the responsibility of Adolfo Alonso Ferrera with the assistance of councillor Coraima Afonso Navarro.  “Turismo”/Tourism will also include responsibility for sustainability and be under councillor Patricia Paulsen Folling. 
“Presidencia y Planificación del Territorio”/Presidency and Territorial Planning will be run by councillor Manuel Luis Méndez Martín, alongside Desiderio Afonso Ruiz.  “Salud, Calidad de Vida y Bienestar Animal”/Health, quality of life, and animal welfare will be under the care of councillor Esther Rivero Vargas with the assistance of councillor José Antonio López.  And councillor Raquel Rodríguez Alonso is in charge of “Bienestar Comunitario y Cohesión Social”/Community Welfare and Social Cohesion.