Easter Week programme launched with the official declaration or ‘pregón’

The Good Friday street performance, ‘La Pasión’ returns to the streets after Covid

21 march 2023
The Easter week programme is now available in English, online here – townhall.adeje.es/ This year the Good Friday street performance, ‘La Pasión’ also returns to the street following its usual route, with a few new inclusions, bringing theatre and culture directly to the people of Adeje.
The events that are taking place during Easter Week started on Friday, March 17th, with the official declaration, or ‘pregón’, delivered by José Antonio López Delgado, who has played the part of Jesus Christ for many years in the Adeje Good Friday event, though not this year, and Miguel Ángel Navarro Mederos, Parish of San Francisco de Asís, S/C de Tenerife.
During his intervention López said that “playing the part of Jesus had been an important part of my life, I am someone who believes, and when I was first given the opportunity to play the part it was a huge challenge, but also a huge honour, being given the opportunity to give back to my community, to give back all that generations before me had been given”. 
He continued, “My mission has always been to represent an Adeje version of Jesus Christ, to reflect the people of my borough, because if the performance does one thing, it unites our people, shows that Adeje is very much a united borough”. 
Fr. Navarro Mederos spoke of Easter week as the most important in the Christian calendar, “a time where the love of Christ became the passion of Our Lord for humanity, up to and including to his death, and resurrection”.  He said that being human was about starting each day in a positive way, adding that contemplation was also something we should all strive for. 
Adeje mayor José Miguel Rodríguez Fraga said that “Easter week in Adeje is always a meeting point for our residents and tourists, a time where and when we create moments of reflexion and calm, which in turn help us deepen aspects of our humanity, invite us to view our daily lives from another perspective. Easter week is also a tourist event for Adeje, and we view it as a time to underline our strengths, our cultural identity and our traditions. Easter Week and the Good Friday representation are a call to participate, both to our residents and to those who are visiting us. 
As in past years, Easter Week will see the participation of all the relevant collectives and authorities, members of the security forces, the volunteer fire service, civil protection, the groups who carry the statues annually – the Porteadores de la Virgen, the Hermandad del Santísimo Sacramento, the Damas de la Piedad -  the Adeje Patronal Band and the Nº2 Army Band (Brylcan XVI) as well as the hundreds of Adeje residents who take part in all of the processions annually.
Among the events will be the procession of the children, which takes place on Palm Saturday (April 1st) starting in Los Olivos, the La Viña procession with a number of significant statues, on the evening of Monday April 3rd, the Holy Thursday procession (April 6th) and the Good Friday street performance, starting at midday at the bottom of the Calle Grande. Easter week finishes with the traditional rogation on Sunday April 23rd, with the walk from the Santa Úrsula church over the old path to the church of San Sebatián.
Lenten cookery
This year too sees the return of the Lenten cookery experience, though with some changes, on March 27th, 28th and 29th, with tastings and fusions. The main aim is to promote the local gastronomy and Adeje restaurants, and amplify the perception of Adeje’s culinary profile. This is a project promoted by the department of economic development. 
On March 27th there will be a tasting in Restaurante Saikou Nikkei, on March 28th there is a master class and tasting in the CDTCA, with Chef Leidy García Palacios and on the 29th a special demonstration of traditional Easter treats, in the CDTCA, with Chefs Pedro Negrín González and Edward Pérez González.