The Abinque 2023 award given to the borough’s first teachers

The Abinque prize is given annually to an individual or groups who have worked to advance equality in our society

10 march 2023
Adeje council’s Department of equality, under councillor Juan Desiderio Afonso Ruiz, last night awarded their 2023 Abinque prize to the borough’s first educators.  This is an award given annually to an individual or group who have worked to advance equality in our society.  This is the 19th year the award has been given.
The event last night, part of the events marking International Women’s Day, underlined the value of education, in particular the work that our education centres are doing in showing students the values of equality and respect as tools for a better socially harmonious society. 
“With the Abinque prize we are celebrating the work of our educational centres and their choices in creating and adapting numerous programmes and projects in the promotion of equality, against discrimination, creating spaces where safe and inclusive learning is welcome, contributing to a more just future”, said the councillor for equality. 
During the evening there was homage paid to the first teachers in the borough who, despite difficulties of the time, studied and worked to bring teaching to the children of Adeje, and as a result of that dedication sowed the seeds for a fairer society. 
All in all there were 14 women awarded, 3 of them posthumously; Josefa Isabel Martín Olid, Concepción Díaz Lorenzo,  Delia Pilar García García, María Jesús Guirola Socas, Concepción Guirola Socas, Teresa Rodríguez De León, Gloria Rodríguez Pérez, Concepción Rodríguez Zaragoza, María del Carmen Sánchez Trujillo  María Encarnación Delgado García Dolores Martínez Alcocer, Margarita Bello Toledo and Nereida Afonso Delgado.

Previous winners of the Abinque prize
2004 - Asociación de Gobernantas de Tenerife.
2005 - La Unión de Mujeres Saharauis
2006 - Orbelinda Pérez Medina 
2007 - Ana Oneida Borges Medina, president Asociación San Juan.
2008 - Amada Trujillo Bencomo, paediatrician
2009 – Hospital visitors
2010 - Rosa María Medina García, volunteer
2011 – Tomato and banana packers.
2012 - Limpiezas Domínguez and their employees 
2013- María Isabel Fernández González, founder and director of the  Escuela Infantil Niño de Adeje and her team
2014 - Brigitte Gypen, founder of the Walk for Life
2015- The oldest women in the borough
2016 - Alexandra Rinder, Adeje’s youngest elite athlete
2017- Ángeles Nieves García Rodríguez, Montesdeoca.
2018 – Adeje equality council
2019 - Rosa María Pérez Meiriño, music professor and singer.
2020 - Cristina Lorenzo Ibáñez, marine biologist and environmentalist 
2021 – Women working in the Adeje health sector
2022 - Emilia González, scientist, and televisión presentar
2023 – Education centres and the borough’s first teachers
International Women’s Day campaign
Under the slogan, "Aún queda mucho por hacer" /”We still have work to do””, Adeje council is reminding people that even though there have been advances in legislation and all walks of life, there is still a lot more to do in the fight for equality. 
There is a programme of activities during March, with a photo-expo, Herstory II (Crea. Stendhal), in the Adeje youth centre until March 31st, which will also host ‘Ellas”, an exhibition of artistic talent from Adeje’s younger residents. And the Abinque mountain club, in conjunction with equality bodies, is organising a walking route, from La Laguna to Tegueste, with a gender perspective.
Other events: 
Friday March 10th: Adeje music school, Encajes Rotos 
Monday March 13th: Presentation of the results of the II Equality Plan study
Tuesday March 14th: 17:30 h. -19:00 h. Workshop (Spanish), healthy habits during menopause.  
Wednesday March 15th: 17:00 h. -20:00 h. Adeje Cultural Centre, workshop (Spanish) on postnatal 
Friday March 24th. 17:30 h. -19:30 h. CDTAC Workshop on equality for children