Adeje council presents the Phigital Adeje 360º project

The aim is to improve commercial zones in the borough’s tourist area through the introduction of new technologies

21 february 2023
Adeje council have launched the Phigital Adeje 360º project, which will see the introduction of a series of measures designed to boost the commercial zone in Costa Adeje, using new technologies, and establishing a link between the commercial zone and the virtual world.  The plan is underwritten by the Spanish Ministry for Industry, Commerce and Tourism and falls under the EU Next Generation funds as part of the Recovery and Resilience Faculty. 
One of the strategies to be introduced is work on the connections from Playa La Pinta to Puerto Colón and the Avenida de Colón.  The plan will improve accessibility and the aesthetics of the urban area. 
Phigital Adeje 360º has received funding of over 2 million euros, 80% from the Spanish government, and the rest from the Adeje council.  The strategy is also part of a regional plan to improve commercial zones in the islands.
The plan currently envisages 12 different actions including physical work in the Costa Adeje commercial area, improving accessibility, eliminating barriers among other measures.  The zone will see the introduction of ‘intelligent tourism signalling’, creating an online platform, assessing how businesses can reduce their carbon footprint, using electronic ticketing, training, etc.  All of these measures are planned to be introduced within the next 18 months. 
The project also falls within three strategic municipal plans: directing the commercial zone in Costa Adeje, the strategy for the development of a digital economy in Adeje 2021-2023, and the local strategy to combat climate change. It also links to on-going initiatives such as DTI - Adeje as an ‘intelligent tourist destination’ - as well as local programmes helping small and medium enterprises in economic development and job creation.
The Adeje council is work too to strengthen the commercial capacity in areas with a high business density, and offer training to professionals in the sector, as well as promoting local businesses through new technology and improving efficient management of resources.
Phigital Adeje 360º is not just for the tourist zone either, and there will be work carried out under the plan in various different parts, using new technology to convert older traditional commercial centres into open interactive areas, improving the virtual space for the commercial outlets, and thus bettering their competitivity and efficiency.  There will be more channels of information, communication and commercialisation for local businesses to attract new clients and better serve existing customers.