The Bitácora programme returns to schools

The project is a tool to help the education community work on series of activities and use available resources

21 february 2023
The socio-educational Project Bitácora is a programme created by the Adeje department of education under Councillor María Clavijo Maza, operating as an assistance tool for educational centres in Adeje to allow them use available resources to promote activities and complement the curriculum in each school. 
 “Bitácora works to increase availability, for students, of activities such as practical experience, activities that will add to their knowledge and help to in promoting cultural,  heritage, environmental and ethnographic experiences where the protagonists are the students and the centre stage is the Adeje borough”, commented the councillor
Each centre can design the activities that they would feel would be of most interest to their students, depending on the programme of  educational events and projects already underway, adapting to the resources and needs of each centre.  Bitácora is designed to complement integral education for the students in the academic and didactic fields, also allowing students to expand both as an individual and at the same time learning about collective responsibility in the conservation and protection of their environment.
Bitácora is designed to work in three blocks – excursions, cultural activities and working across different areas – and other departments in the Adeje council are keen to be part of the third block, offering students a range of opportunities. 
Among the excursions will be a visit to the world-class cheese farm, Montesdeoca, based in Adeje, a visit to La Margaritas farm, an ethnographic trip to the El Tanque Eco-museum, the Casa de Carta Valle de Guerra, a day out at the Telesforo Bravo interpretative centre, and a visit to a bee centre.  Students will also visit the Adeje School of music for a springtime concert.
With the participation of other departments, students will have the chance to learn more about the local heritage, visit the coastline of La Caleta, become ‘journalists for a day’, work on a cyber-racism prevention programme, and more.